A window on our embroideries for the fashion and luxury sector.
    Ideas that take shape thanks to advanced techniques and manual skills.
    With a passion for research, our one-of-a-kind, distinctive solutions demonstrate the uniqueness of our work.


    Within our vast range of specialisations, ABS is an innovative and versatile material, offering a more agile, lighter solution than traditional studs and rivets.


    One of our special fabrications is beading, a real frontier in contemporary embellishments. Harmonious shapes and distinctive colours come together to create unique decorations.

    Blanket Stitch

    With its distinctive zigzag design, Blanket Stitch is a fundamental stitch in PuntoArt's repertoire.


    Drawing on the innovative techniques used in sportswear, bond-in is used in the fashion industry to join, shape and decorate various types of fabric.

    Broderie Anglaise

    Traditionally understood as delicate openwork, PuntoArt interprets Broderie Anglaise in a new way. end of the traditional and the contemporary.

    Carpet Stitch

    Inspired by traditional handmade textiles, Carpet Stitch pays homage to textile art.

    Chain stitch

    An iconic embroidery technique, Chain Stitch is created by wrapping the thread around the needle point and then pulling it out through the loop created.


    Cornely embroidery has become a cornerstone of our special fabrications.


    Deeply rooted in tradition, crochet is brought into the present day by PuntoArt.


    This modern electronic technique enables unparalleled precision, offering luxury partners cutting-edge solutions that team technological perfection with superior craftsmanship.


    Engraving, traditionally understood as being a printing technique in which an image is carved onto a surface using a sharp instrument before being filled in with ink, is given a new lease of life with the advent of laser technology.

    French Knot Stitch

    French Knot Stitch takes the shape of little raised three-dimensional knots.


    Fringes are the ultimate way of adding movement.


    Incorporating the essence of modernity, PuntoArt has embraced the heat-sealing technique in order to create garments embodying the future of embellishment.

    Knit Stitch

    Recalling the traditions of knitting, the Knitting Stitch is interpreted by PuntoArt to enhance its texturality.


    Thanks to the advanced use of lasers, previously unthinkable intricate designs and weaves raise the art of embroidery to new heights.


    Initially designed for adorning the edges of fabrics, PuntoArt reworks and elevates it in sophisticated embellishments widely admired by its clients in the luxury sector.

    Manual Appliqués

    In the art of manual appliqués, our precision and dedication come together to create multi-decoration compositions that can incorporate beads and rhinestones and much more besides.


    Within our range of artisan processes, needle-punching is one of the most closely-studied techniques.


    Patches, an iconic symbol of contemporary, vibrant fashion, are the ideal solution for refined details and embellishments that, for technical reasons, cannot be created directly on the fabric.


    Aside from being bright and shiny, rhinestones are viewed by PuntoArt as an emblem of the future of embellishment.

    Satin Stitch

    Synonymous with materiality and density, Satin Stitch is used in embroidery for vivid representations.


    Our Sequins enhance textile surfaces with precise and refined details

    Stem Stitch

    Stitching created by working from left to right with slightly sloping stitches.

    Straight Stitch

    Used in dynamic and vibrant work, Straight Stitch is a symbol of precision and design.


    The perfect decoration for clothing, accessories and footwear, stud rivets fit harmoniously with fabrics and leather, creating unique motifs and designs.

    Terry Stitch

    Soft, fluffy stitch that we execute with a particular focus on its three-dimensionality.

    Thermal Adhesive

    Innovative and revolutionary, thermal adhesives are used by PuntoArt in response to rising demands for sophisticated embellishment techniques.


    The essence of topstitching lies not only in the detail but also in the visual effect created on the fabric.
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